Manor Warisanku is part of the growing urban retailing trend of combining their brick-and-mortar retail shop with a café for their clients to patron. Just like a retail shop is different from a café, modern and traditional designs are starkly dissimilar. The challenge for KORTSTUDIO is to marry two obviously contrasting design concepts under one roof. And the outcome is a seamless cohesiveness.

Enveloped by the eye-catching Tiffany blue on the wall, we introduce clean, modern furnishes to the space evident in its furniture and fixtures. Batik-like tiles on the floor and preparation counters amp up the café space, reflecting the traditional background of its owner, who is from Terengganu.

The gold wainscoting treatment on the feature wall lends a timeless opulent look while the exposed ceiling gives the patronage a feeling of huge expanse of the two spaces.

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Manor Warisanku - Lobby 2

Manor Warisanku - Lobby 1